MGtoR-front828The Musician’s Guide To Rhythm is something new in the world of music education: a practical guide to rhythm for all instrumentalists, vocalists, composers, and teachers. Expand your rhythmic skills and creativity on any instrument! MGR introduces basic and complex rhythmic concepts clearly and progressively, demonstrates their melodic potential, and provides extensive hands-on exercises for immediate results. Whether your focus is jazz or classical, rock or folk, country or the blues, Cuban or Brazilian, mastering rhythm gives you the tools to expand your creativity and become a more confident and powerful musician.

Among the most detailed descriptions of rhythm ever published, which
simultaneously pays attention to mathematical aspects, aesthetics and stylistic contexts (world beats, jazz, funk, etc). Enough for a lifetime.
— Dave Liebman, jazz saxophonist & educator

Check out samples of the book’s content here, or try this page’s sounds for samples of its exercises.

You can order MGR in both paperback and wire coil versions.